There are 10 questions that can be rated from 0 to 10 based on your estimation. The purpose is to reflect on the fundamental elements of your brand strategy, and what you could do to strengthen it.



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The mission, vision, and philosophy of the company are written so that they guide the leader and the work team in a clear and objective way.

The business and marketing goals have been set up so that the company can take the right steps.

The qualities, characteristics and features of the brand are defined. The Brand Statement was drafted, which describes the role of the brand in the market, in a brief and easy-to-understand manner.

There exists a strategy to promote the brand. The initiatives, budget, metrics, and a solid course of action are defined.

How much total quality the customer receives in terms of final product and personal service?

The leader and the team understand their role in the company system, they are solidly articulated, without friction, their objective is to be the best offer for the market.

The brand has a short and memorable name. The logo is simple, distinctive, and contemporary. The slogan complements it harmoniously. There is an identity manual that defines the uses and limitations of the logo.

Brand messages are unique, powerful and attractive to customers and prospects. Design is clear and consistent. Appropriately timed across media and platforms.

The website communicates the qualities and purpose of the brand. It can be accessed from all types of devices, is fast, intuitive and SEO optimized.

You have profiles on the social platforms that best serve your type of brand, they have been properly configured, with a regular plan of publication and interaction with Internet users.

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